If There Isn't A God, Then What Does It Matter?  Do what you want, live like you want, and when you die...  it's over!

If There Is A God, then maybe he has a plan.

If God doesn't have a plan...  Then what does it matter?  Live like you want and when you die...  it's over!

If God has a plan...  wouldn't it make sense to find out what the plan is?

     When you read the comment on the left, you soon realize it takes as much "faith" to believe in eveolution as is does to believe in a God creator.  

     When you believe in evolution, all you have is this short life.  No hope for a future life, no home for everlasting life.  However you have the "freedom" to live however you want to live, today!

     When you believe in God, you have a hope for eternal life!  God does require discipline and self control.  He has provided some simple rules to follow in order to inherit eternal life!

‚Äč     It's up to you how you want to live, who you want to follow.

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In order for you to best understand if the Bible is relevant in the world today, and more importantly...  in your life, you really should find out on your own...

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"Either there is a God or there isn't. Both possibilities are frightening." - Ray Comfort

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