Welcome to Discover Your Bible.  Our goal is to help people read and understand the Bible themselves.   Did you know that you don’t need to have a special degree or even a special blessing to understand the Bible?  Don’t just trust someone from church to tell you what to believe.  Take a few minutes everyday and study the Bible for yourself.  See if what you have been told to believe makes sense or not. 

We offer several Bible based booklets that you can read to help you get a clearer grasp on what we understand the Bible teachings to be, and you can judge for yourself if what we are sharing makes sense or not. 

The first step to understanding the Bible is to take some time and read through the Bible.  We offer a Bible reading planner, that, if you follow it every day for a year, you can read the entire old testament once and the new testament twice.  Or, if you would prefer, you can read the Bible in chronological order, so you can get a better idea of when things happened and in what order.

Bible study is really quite simple, and there are only a few tools that you need in order to study the Bible for yourself.  With our FREE Bible Correspondence course, you can study the Bible at your pace and in the comfort of your home.  There is no pressure or brow beating with our Bible study course, just some wonderful tools and tips to help you understand the Bible better, for yourself.

With some simple daily Bible study habits, you can get a better understanding of God and who he is, and more important what His plans are for you and what is required of you.  You will see, not much is required for some very amazing rewards!

Understanding the Bible and the Bible message is really pretty simple.  It just requires a little effort on your part to focus and read the Bible.  Like anything in this life, if you want anything of value, then you have to put some work into it.  This Bible correspondence course will help you develop better study habits and reading habits.  Making understanding the Bible easier and less overwhelming. 

As the world continues to move further and further away from God and any belief in God, the question quickly comes into play, it the Bible relevant in todays world?  Does God really exist and more important, is God real?  You really do want to answer that question yourself.  It could be a matter of life and death. 

Christians have always believed in a life after death.  You have two choices…  one to believe that life after death is possible, or just ignore it and life your life the way you want.  Reading your Bible and learning more about the people who have gone before us, and the faith that they had, will help you develop more courage and see that the Bible is relevant and despite what most people say, God is real.

Which takes more faith?  Believing in a God, or believing in no God?  When you read the comment on the left, you soon realize it takes as much "faith" to believe in evolution as is does to believe in a God creator.   When you believe in evolution, all you have is this short life.  No hope for a future life, no home for everlasting life.  However, you have the "freedom" to live however you want to live, today!   When you believe in God, you have a hope for eternal life!  God does require discipline and self-control.  He has provided some simple rules to follow in order to inherit eternal life!  It's up to you how you want to live, who you want to follow.

You need to discover for yourself what it is that you believe and why you believe it.  When you read the Bible and study the Bible, it can give you a better foundation on your believes and understandings, and why you believe them. 

So many people are just wandering in this life.  Lost and with no direction.  That is part of the reason why there is so much drug abuse, so much violence and so much hatred.  The Bible can provide you with some direction in your life and give you some purpose to living. 

The steps are simple, and you can understand the Bible with a little effort on your part. 

What have you got to lose?  You can live your life; however, you want, and say there is no God.  When your life is over, you die, and are soon forgotten. 

But think about this, what if there was a God, and what if his teaching and the Bible did make sense?  What if all God required of you was obedience, faith and trust? And if you lived your life that way, you could live forever.  That seems like a pretty good and fair choice.

The key to faith and understanding the Bible s just getting started.  Take the first step to getting a better understand of God, his word, the Bible and the plans that God has made your you, by joining our free Bible study correspondence course. 

Your life, your future, your plans are in your hands.  You can go on living your life with or without God, that is up to you.  What you need to ask yourself is…  what if there was a God, and what if he does have a plan.  What if there really was living forever, eternal life!  Wouldn’t it make sense to learn more about God and see if you could live forever. 

Think of eternal life, like standing on the east coast of the United States.  Your standing on the beach, and you reach down, and pick up one grain of sand.  You take that grain of sand and start walking west.  When you get to the west coast of the United States, you drop that grain of sand on the west coast.  Then you start walking to the east.  When you get back to the east coast, you pick up another grain of sand and start walking west again.  How long would it take to move all the sand from the east coast to the west coast this way?


Wouldn’t it make sense to really investigate the Bible, and see if this is a real possibility.  Is it worth possibly missing living forever, for a few years of living without a God?  Discover the Bible for yourself, and study the Bible for yourself, so you CAN understand the Bible and the Bible message.

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Is The Bible Relevant In Todays World?

"Either there is a God or there isn't. Both possibilities are frightening." - Ray Comfort

You Should Discover The Bible For Yourself...

And Decide What To Believe!